Jiwei Han 韩继伟, a Chinese Documentary Photographer based in Beijing, China; studied the MA Documentary Photography at the University of Wales, Newport, UK.

Before that, I graduated from the BeiHang University in Beijing with the Bachelor degree of the Computer Science and Technology at 2004; then, I had worked for 7 years as a Software Engineer and a Project Manager in two different IT companies.

For the photography, my first experience of photographing was in 2004. At that year, I met my girlfriend. In order to snap some pictures for our first date, I borrowed a compact digital camera from a friend of mine and took my first picture in my life — A beautiful daisy photo. Suddenly, I found I followed in love with photography and began to self-study. 

For the infinite love of photography, finally, at 2011, I made a decision that would change my whole life, which is to give up my Project Manager job and came to Newport to study the MA Documentary Photography course.